AUS SARMs Reviewed 2018

Do you want to know more about the company AUS SARMs? Well, in this article we review the Melbourne based clinic. And their quest to sell the cheapest and cleanest research chemicals. Located in Australia, they are a re-seller company providing revolutionary substances, known as SARMs. These are modern alternatives to the much criticised and illegal steroids. Produced in Australia they are used for research and trial purposes. SARMs provide similar effects, increased bone density, muscle growth and help with joint repair and fat loss. We also ask the question are SARMs legal in Australia?

Are AUS SARMs legit?

Before we carry on, you can rest assured AUS SARMs adhere to the strict national medical laws that exist in Australia. But, state that the products are not cleared by the ‘Therapeutic Goods Act of 1989’. So ensure you read the companies policies and terms of use. For more about SARMs supplements read this link:

Are SARMs Illegal in Australia?

SARMs are legal to buy in Australia providing they are bought for research use. However, there are many Australian clinics that provide some SARMs legally with a prescription from a medical consultant. A good point to mention when searching for reputable suppliers in Australia, is if you need to fill out a registration form, then the company are legit. This system allows you to supply medical details, and gives you access to log in and buy SARMs legally. You will also have online support from medical consultants.

What are SARMs?

SARMs stand for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. They are mostly used by athletes and bodybuilders, instead of steroids, to increase muscle and help repair cells. SARMs provide similar effects on maus sarmsuscle tissue, such like testosterone with positive results. But, most users find they offer fewer side effects compared to anabolic steroids. They are taken orally and are non toxic on the liver like most steroids. SARMs have shown good results over the past few years, and are becoming more and more popular with athletes.

Buying SARMs online

If you decide to buy SARMs from AUS SARMs, they offer an easy ordering service, with fast distribution. The company offers plenty of information on each individual product, plus dosage instructions. Here are just a few of the products you can buy online from AUS SARMs, with a description of what they do:

  • ANDARINE – S-4: Will increase muscle, power, strength, recovery
  • CARDARINE – GW-501516: Increased energy, aids fat loss, fast recovery time, good for cutting and bulking and promotes well being
  • LIGANDROL- LGD-4033: Increases muscle, strength, help with fat loss and repairing
  • MYOSTAT – YK-11:Anabolic, increases muscle and strength, promotes endurance and heals injuries
  • OSTARINE– MK-2866: Increased lean muscle, strength and endurance, repairs injuries
  • TESTOLONE- RAD-140: Increases muscle and strength, fast recovery and aids fat loss

A brief introduction to SARMs

They are new in the science world so are still undergoing research. Though they are having positive feedback there is still a lot of work to do. Steroid SARMs were founded in the 1940’s. It was discovered they had medical properties to help cure osteoporosis, cancer, hypogonadism and muscle wastage diseases.  Non steroidal SARMs have been around since the 1990’s. With human trials they build muscle and bone mass, without affecting the prostate. Bodybuilders use them because they work at building muscle. The 2 preferences are ANDARINE/S-4 andOstarine/MK 2866.

Where to find SARMs for sale online

With SARMs suppliers growing online, we always advise that you do your research first. When it comes to your health ensure you do your home work to find the best place to buy SARMs.

Best SARMs supplier Australia – Aussarms

If you are looking for a company that stocks a good range of SARMs supplements online then AUS SARMs maybe the one. Don’t miss out on the offer to new visitors wishing to buy SARMs. AUS SARMs Coupon allows 10% off their first purchase when you use the code sarm10.



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