Peptide Clinics Australia Review 2018

Peptide Clinics is an Australian based company and one of the leading suppliers online. With over 17 000 customers, they must be doing something right! The company is based in Sydney, and been operating since 2013. They pride themselves on supplying quality supplements for building muscle to helping with various lifestyle issues.

Browsing the site you will notice a good choice of clinically tested peptides and SARMS. In addition they comply with all of the WADA requirements. Australia has a number of legal requirements to abide to when supplying peptides and SARMS. This company comply with all legislation, and provide all relevant medical assistance you may need when ordering. If you are unsure about Peptides, and what they are, read more about it in this Wiki article. review – Peptide Clinics Reviews

To make sure you get relevant information about this company, we have 5 reviews from clients who have used the services below:

I have ordered 3 times from and been happy with the service and products. My recent order of AOD-9604 Cream 15mg for 62 days was awesome. I stacked it with an injection of cjc 1295.  I began at 125 KG, and within a couple of days dropped 4 kilos. Plus a significant drop in waste measurement, from 125 cm down to 120 cm! Plenty of energy, and felt great! Dan, Auckland.

This is a positive Australian peptide clinic review, as I like to share my feedback on the company. I ordered CJC-1295+Ipamorelin Combo – 40mg, and you can really feel the difference with this mix after a few weeks. Pain levels dropped and sleep improved. I came off it after 3 months of testing just to see if I was imagining things. But, certainly wasn’t! It really helps, so went back and ordered more!  – Vikki, New South Wales.

Peptide Clinics Australia Review – Best Sellers

  • SARMS s22 (Ostarine) Forte – 30mg for 10 Weeks worked a treat for my female form. You do need to follow the right diet and exercise routine to get ripped build muscle. Also I was pleased with endurance and strength. It was painful when injecting, but the results were worth it. – Teresa, Sydney.

Peptide Clinics


  • IGF-1 LR3 2.5mg was an amazing product. It was more expensive than I had seen on other sites, but appreciated the guidance from the online medical support. It stated it would last up to 5 weeks and it did. At the end of the 5 weeks I had leaner and harder abs s well as noticeable weight loss too. I would certainly suggest this product. – Peter, Canberra.


  • GHRP-6 Oral Drops 50mg for about 8 weeks. GHRP6 is probably the best peptide I have used. It was easy to use and the effects great. George, Perth.

Peptide clinic discount…

You can benefit from buying from Peptide Clinics Australia. They have a loyalty program where you build points for every dollar you spend. There is $50 off your first order and 10% off future of purchases. Plus, if you feel like leaving a review or a video testimonial they will give you receive a payment.

Peptide Clinics Review

The Sydney Peptide Clinic, is the number one choice to order from for those living in the country, and cover New Zealand too. The company is highly regarded in this industry. You will find you are dealing with qualified doctors that are experts in many fields including anti aging and sports medicine and surgery. You can be sure you are ordering from a trustworthy site with this company.

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